Issue 1, March 2015

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
1807 - 1815 Augmenting Sustainable Leadership Practices with Complexity Theory

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0240
William M. Gummerson Download Paper
1816 - 1820 Challenging Deficit Dispositions: A Canadian Equity-Based Teacher Education Initiative

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0241
Manu Sharma Download Paper
1821 - 1826 Eportfolio Adoption and Implementation in Multiple Campus University Environment

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0242
Marie B. Fisher, Andrew J. Hill Download Paper
1827 - 1833 Exploring the Learning Potential of Acoustic Design in 3D Virtual Environments

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0243
Liz Falconer, Julian Green Download Paper
1834 - 1840 Major Causes for Problems with English Education in China

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0244
Tian Qiang, Li Huijie Download Paper
1841 - 1848 Compensation and benefits: Opinions and reflections on current practices in the Universities of Punjab, Pakistan

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0245
Abida Nasreen, Anjum Naz Download Paper
1849 - 1858 A Comparative Analysis of Educator’s and Peers’ Influence on Students’ Attitude to Mobile Social Media in Distance Learning

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0246
Andreas Ahrens, Jelena Zašcerinska Download Paper
1859 - 1863 The Utilitarian Roles of Religion and Literature in Peaceful Co-Existence among Nigerians

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0247
Popoola S. Akorede, Unoroh Solomon Ogheneochuk Download Paper
1864 - 1877 Differentiated Instruction Training For Prospective Teachers: An Approach to Improving Reading in the Primary Classroom

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0248
Yvonne J. John, Stephen Joseph Download Paper
1878 - 1885 Does the Scientific Progress Dispense the Teaching of Biological Evolution?

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0249
Heslley Machado Silvia, Daiana Evilin Gibram, Graça Simões de Carvalho Download Paper

Issue 2, June 2015

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
1886 - 1891 An Awakening to Political Awareness through Children’s Literature

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0250
Hilary Pollack Download Paper
1892 - 1895 Music Education and Effective Teaching: Perspectives from a Critical Review

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0251
Eleonora Concina Download Paper
1896 - 1903 Effort-testing In Children Undergoing PsychoEducational Assessment Using The Medical Symptom Validity Test

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0252
Helene Flamand Download Paper
1904 - 1909 Integration of ICT in Education in a Secondary School in Kenya: A Case Study

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0253
Florence Kanorio Kisirkoi Download Paper
1910 - 1916 Virtual Social Networks for Cooperative Learning: an EduCamp Experience

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0254
Adrian Schroeder Esquivel Guemes, Pedro José Canto Herrera Download Paper
1917 - 1921 Islamic Education: Potential Tool in Reducing Religious Syncretism among Muslims in Yoruba Land

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0255
Balogun Muhsin Adekunle Download Paper
1922 - 1929 Palestinian Education Amidst a Complex History and a Fragile Peace

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0256
Jeffrey S. Burwell, SJ Download Paper
1930 - 1937 Possibilities and Limits of a Multi/Intercultural Music Appreciation at Schools

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0257
Cristiane Abreu Migon, Monique Andries Nogueira Download Paper
1938 - 1944 A Study of Taiwanese College Students’ Responses to a Blog-based English Writing Project and its Effectiveness

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0258
Adam Ting Download Paper
1945 - 1949 Music? But how to Teach It ?? Problems and Their Solutions in Teaching Music in Lower Secondary Schools in CzechRepublic

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0259
Katerina Jakšová Download Paper

Issue 3, September 2015

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
1950 - 1955 Continuing Professional Development of One-Person Librarians in Ireland: A Qualitative Study

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0260
Eva Hornung Download Paper
1956 - 1963 Narratives that Inform Pre-service Secondary English Teachers’ Writing Instruction and Pedagogy

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0261
Elsie L. Olan Download Paper
1964 - 1970 The Use of YouTube to Improve Students’ Acuity and Analytic Skills in Discussion of Issues in Music Performance

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0262
Heather Monkhouse, Anne-Marie Forbes Download Paper
1971 - 1975 Developing Collaboration as a Transferrable Skills in Biology Tertiary Education

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0263
Torstein Nielsen Hole Download Paper
1976 - 1982 Reading Habits of Education Majors

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0264
Matthew Capps, SuHua Huang Download Paper
1983 - 1988 Promoting Women Literacy through Community Education in Enugu State, Nigeria

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0265
Loretta Chika Ukwuaba Download Paper
1989 - 1996 English Teaching Strategies: Enhancing the Subject Matter Knowledge of Pre-Service Teachers

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0266
Janet E. McIntosh Download Paper
1997 - 2004 Evaluating the Information Needs of Home-based and Cross-border Distance Learners in Botswana

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0267
Olugbade Oladokun Download Paper
2005 - 2012 Novel Way of Using Mobile Phone for an Outside Science Learning Activity

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0268
T.M.S.S.K.Y. Ekanayake, K.B. Samarakoon, S.D.K. Wijesundera Download Paper
2013 - 2019 The Effect of Kodály Training on Music Teachers’ Sight Singing Skills

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0269
Sandra B. Nite, Míchéal Houlahan, Philip Tacka, Patricia Moreno Download Paper

Issue 4, December 2015

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
2020 - 2029 Staff Training and Development and Quality Education Delivery

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0270
Okotoni Comfort Abosede Download Paper
2030 - 2038 Students’ Perception and Habits in Choosing Online Literature Sources for Seminar Papers

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0271
Irena Miljkovic Krecar, Maja Kolega, Vicko Krampus Download Paper
2039 - 2045 Global Education and School Leaders’ Role in Equitable Access for All Students: Synthesis of Two Qualitative Studies from Massachusetts, USA

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0272
JoAnn Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Mary Hansberry McCarthy Download Paper
2046 - 2053 Deepening Our Students’ Appreciation of Others: Using Multicultural Field Experience in an Online Education Course

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0273
Rebecca A. Wentworth, Lisa O. Brown Download Paper
2054 - 2063 Visual Literacy in High-Stakes Testing: Implications of Washback for Language Teachers

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0274
Visvaganthie Moodley Download Paper
2064 - 2068 Global learning & progressive school change

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0275
Andrew Gitlin Download Paper
2069 - 2076 Complex Relationships Involved in Music Making: Results Founded in Music Invention Laboratory Practices applied in Music Education

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0276
Luciano da Costa Nazario, José Augusto Mannis Download Paper
2077 - 2085 Professional Identity Development of Student Teachers in Finland, Norway and Australia

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0277
Rita Riksaasen, Leanne Crosswell, Denise Beutel Download Paper
2086 - 2093 Fostering Creativity and Improvement of Secondary School Students’ Attitude Towards Physics: A Way Forward for Sustainable Development in Nigeria

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0278
Agommuoh P. C Download Paper
2094 - 2102 Engaging Multiliteracies Learning

DOI: 10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0279
Terry Loerts, Christina Belcher Download Paper