Dear Infonomics Society Member,

As your president, I would like to enthusiastically welcome you to our Infonomics Society. I feel it is a tremendous honor to serve as your president and one that I will always remember as a highlight in my career as an educator. I am so pleased to be part of the Infonomics Society. It is my hopes, desires and dreams, we move forward in promoting education worldwide. Infonomics Society is a high-quality organization made up of individuals who are all motivated to make positive influences in the world. I hope together we can reach great horizons.

I will be calling on many of you to assist me by serving on the Executive and various advisory committees as well as serving other important committees. Members just like you who serve on the conference committees make them continue to be some of the most highly valued conferences in the world. Remember Infonomics Society offers you opportunities to grow professionally and academically by serving on committees, publish in the journals and present at the conferences.  For many members, their participation in the Infonomics Society has meant promotions in their careers.

I believe that if you know a little about me as a person, we can work together more productively as a team. I hope you agree. I am a Professor at an institute of higher learning and have been for many years. I teach mathematics method classes for students studying to be teachers and graduate research classes for graduate students. Some of the things precious to me are my family, religion, being outdoors and the freedoms we have.  As an academician, I love to do research to learn more about almost everything. I love to travel to conferences, to meet new people and build sharing relationships with them. I love people with humor and ready to have fun times.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to make suggestions, serve on committees, or just visit. I look forward to meeting in the future.

All the Best,

Professor Barba Patton
January, 2021