Issue 1, 2014

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
350 - 352 Diagnostic Thinking Process in Different Learning Environments

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0045
Or, P. P. L., So, H.C.F., Chen, J., Choi, M.M.T., Chan, C.K.M., Chan K.K., Leung C.L.C., Chung, J.W.Y Download Paper
353 - 363 The Effects of Diagnosis on Learning Engineering Graphics and Design in a First Year University Degree Course in South Africa

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0046
Samuel Dumazi Khoza Download Paper
364 - 368 Souvenir Inscriptions as a Text for Teaching Punctuation Marks in ESL Situation: A Teacher’s Innovation

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0047
Faleke Victoria Ogunnike Download Paper
369 - 371 Family Planning and Marital Satisfaction among Married People in South West Nigeria. A Case Study of Lagos State

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0048
Alade Folasade Adesola Download Paper
372 - 381 Ethnicity, Epistemological Beliefs, Thinking Skills and Concept Understanding in Chemistry

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0049
Lourdes B. Filoteo, Vivien M.Talisayon and Marlene B. Ferido Download Paper
382 - 387 High School Teachers’ Representations of Inclusion in Québec

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0050
Philippe Tremblay Download Paper
388 - 397 Magnitude of Human Resources Utilization toward Reforming Secondary Schools in Ondo State (Western), Nigeria

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0051
Jolly Dojo Kukuru Download Paper

Issue 2, 2014

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
398 - 406 Use of a Blended Curricular Model of Autism-Specific Preparation and Professional Development for Increasing Educator Repertoires for Instructing Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0052
Lisa Dille Download Paper
407 - 419 A Systemic Approach to Social Skills Training for Adults with Intellectual Disability: An Irish Perspective

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0053
Maeve Daly, William Kinsella Download Paper
420 - 425 Implementation of Community-Based Rehabilitation in Nigeria: The Role of Family of People with Disabilities

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0054
Ahon Adaka T., Obi B. Florence, Emmanuel Ikwem Download Paper
426 - 436 Holistic-Approaches-to-Educating-Teachers-Sustaining-a-Culture-of-Indigenous-Learning-and-Discovery

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0055
Pamela Louderback Download Paper
437 - 447 What Makes a Teacher a Special Needs Teacher? The Perspective of a Pedagogic Signature

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0056
Ewald Kiel, Markus Kollmannsberger, Thomas Lerche, Sabine Weiss Download Paper
448 - 451 Making Mathematical Place Value Meaningful for a Special Needs Student

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0057
Estella De Los Santos, Barba Patton Download Paper
452 - 456 An Updated Guide to Medical Assistive Devices

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0058
Samantha C. Wu Download Paper
457 - 461 A New Perspective to Reach Out to Children with Special Needs and the Parent Community

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0059
Sheela Rajanikanth Download Paper

Issue 3, 2014

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
462 - 467 How Mixed-Ability Grouping Works in Botswana’s Schools?

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0060
Jane Iloanya Download Paper
468 - 474 Lights! Camera! Action! Exploring Links between Inclusive Teaching in Broadcast Education and Diversity in Canadian Media

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0061
Anna Augusto Rodrigues Download Paper
475 - 484 Challenges of Curriculum Development in Office Technology and Management in Tertiary Institutions

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0062
Olukemi Josephine Omoniyi, Boluwaji Clement Elemure Download Paper
485 - 491 An Instructional Design for Data Warehousing: Using Design Science Research and Project-based Learning

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0063
Roelien Goede Download Paper
492 - 497 AIDS Awareness Programme on Adult Citizens of Lagos State

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0064
Saula Ayinla Shamsideen Download Paper
498 - 503 Influence of Demographic Factors on the Psychometric Properties of School Administrators Leadership Scale

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0065
Catherine Nkiruka Elechi Download Paper
504 - 511 Using Simulation Geared Towards Special Needs and Challenges of Students in Teaching English Language Comprehension in Secondary Schools in Abia State, Nigeria

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0066
Theresa Nnennaya Kanno, Udodirim Angela Igwe Download Paper
512 - 515 Recognizing the Traits of Giftedness in Minorities as They Impact Identification

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2014.0067
Kathie Carwile Morgan Download Paper