Current research needs to focus on the complexity and challenges faced by teachers as they strive towards the creation of positive classroom environments [5]. With priorities surrounding their daily practice that places data, outcomes and differentiated curriculum goals above their own self efficacy and wellbeing, the confidence and competence of teachers to create positive classroom environments is a challenging and often balancing act between multiple competing priorities [2]. This research focuses directly on the support needed by teaches to ensure they develop a healthy and robust self-efficacy that promotes staff wellbeing and in turn the creation of positive classroom environments. Providing both evidence of impact on classroom practices and the impact of evidence on future directions as we engage teachers in programs of coaching, mentoring and teacher development to create positive student learning experiences [6]. This is not about teachers telling other teachers how to teach.

Published in: World Congress on Education (WCE-2018)

  • Date of Conference: 15-18 July 2018
  • DOI: 10.2053/WCE.2018.0004
  • ISBN: 978-1-908320-91-9
  • Conference Location: Dublin, Ireland