This paper investigates the factors behind the selection and the rationale for the use of translated children’s novels in Thai school reading lists. The results reveal that translated children’s novels in Thai school reading lists, namely Charlotte’s Web, Little House in The Big Woods, and Little Lord Fauntleroy were brought to Thailand during the Cold War which was the period when the USA delivered books that showcased American ideals to allied countries. Moreover, all three books significantly provide characteristics that are influenced by the ideologies of the Cold War such as the images of American products, the American way of life and stereotyped gender roles. In terms of book’s content, the results show that Little House in The Big Woods and Little Lord Fauntleroy respond to the educational policies announced by the tenth National Economic and Social Development Plan and the goals of Basic Education Core Curriculum A.D. 2008. In addition, all three books provide contents of public-consciousness which is one of Thai students’ desirable characteristics, as well as socialisation, which could encourage students to see characters as role models and imitate their actions, as far as possible, in real life. Lastly, the paper has given a further guidance on how to bring these translated children’s novels into Thai 21st century classrooms.

Published in: World Congress on Education (WCE-2018)

  • Date of Conference: 15-18 July 2018
  • DOI: 10.2053/WCE.2018.0015
  • ISBN: 978-1-908320-91-9
  • Conference Location: Dublin, Ireland