The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted student learning. A cross-sectional longitudinal research design was used to measure differences in student learning outcomes (SLOs) for 659 students exposed to high impact practices in undergraduate psychology courses before, during, and after the pandemic. The results indicate that students exposed to diversity service-learning develop a deeper understanding of social justice issues and educational inequities in the community by the end of the course compared to those students exposed to traditional fieldwork. Students who engaged in service or fieldwork during the outbreak of the pandemic had higher ratings of professionalism and cultural competence, connections to the University, and preparation for entering the workforce compared to those students who engaged in service or fieldwork during the endemic. Educational practices and instructional modalities that warrant further exploration post-pandemic are discussed.

Speaker: Lori Simons

Authors: Lori Simons, Sara Schoneman, Madeline Hoffman, Kylie Beller

Published in: London International Conference on Education (LICE-2022)

  • Date of Conference: 14-16 November 2022
  • DOI: 10.20533/LICE.2022.0011
  • ISBN: 978-1-913572-52-5
  • Conference Location: Virtual (London, UK)