Issue 1, March 2018

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
370 - 379 A Semantic Web Framework for Laws

DOI: 10.20533/ijmip.2042.4647.2018.0046
Yung Chang Chi, Hei Chia Wang Download Paper
380 - 388 Liveness Verification Using Deep Neural Network Based Visual Speech Recognition

DOI: 10.20533/ijmip.2042.4647.2018.0047
Philip McShane, Darryl Stewart Download Paper
389 - 397 A Review of m-Government Maturity Models

DOI: 10.20533/ijmip.2042.4647.2018.0048
Dlamini Diteboho Refiloe, Mpekoa Noluntu Download Paper
398 - 408 The Design of a Multimedia-Forensic Analysis Tool (M-FAT)

DOI: 10.20533/ijmip.2042.4647.2018.0049
Shahlaa Mashhadani, Hiba Al-kawaz, Nathan Clarke, Steven Furnell, Fudong Li Download Paper

Issue 2, June 2018

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
409 - 413 Feature Extraction using GLCM for Dietary Assessment Application

DOI: 10.20533/ijmip.2042.4647.2018.0050
Akshada A. Gade, Arati J. Vyavahare Download Paper
414 - 424 Scrum for Product Innovation: A Longitudinal Embedded Case Study

DOI: 10.20533/ijmip.2042.4647.2018.0051
J. M. Bass, A. O. Abdul, H. Ghavimi, N. MacRae, P. Adam Download Paper
425 - 431 Comparison of Electronic Signature between Europe and Japan: Possibiltiy of Mutual Recognition

DOI: 10.20533/ijmip.2042.4647.2018.0052
Soshi Hamaguchi, Toshiyuki Kinoshita, Satoru Tezuka Download Paper

Issue 3, September 2018

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
432 - 437 The Threat and Vulnerabilities of Submarine Cables in Information Security and Telecommunication

DOI: 10.20533/ijmip.2042.4647.2018.0053
Aisha Suliman Alazri Download Paper
438 - 442 A New Based Image Subtraction Algorithm for Bare PCB Defect Detection

DOI: 10.20533/ijmip.2042.4647.2018.0054
Daniel Katz Bonello, Yuzo Iano, Umberto Bonello Neto Download Paper