International Journal of Multimedia and Image Processing (IJMIP)

Welcome to IJMIP

The International Journal of Multimedia and Image Processing (IJMIP) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal. The IJMIP provides an international forum for electronic publication of high-quality scholarly papers in Multimedia and Image Processing. Authors retain the publishing rights without restrictions. All papers are DOI enabled.

The objectives of the IJMIP are to bridge the knowledge gap between academia and industry, and provide free access to current research work. We invite research papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation and performance evaluation.

The topics in IJMIP include but are not confined to the following areas:

  • Biological/Medical Image Processing
  • Coding and Transmission
  • Colour Reproduction
  • Combining Image-based and Virtual Content for Scene Rendering
  • Computational Photography
  • Crime Detection based on Multimedia Analysis
  • 3-D processing
  • Design and Construction
  • Digital Economy and Blockchain
  • Games
  • Health Informatics
  • Illumination, Sampling and Scanning
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image and Video Processing Hardware and Software
  • Image Rendering and Quality
  • Imaging Sensors and Acquisition Systems
  • Implementations and Architectures
  • Innovative Multimedia Systems or Devices
  • Intelligent Multimedia Interface
  • Intelligent e-Health based on Multimedia Analysis
  • Internet/Mobile Multimedia Sharing
  • Light Fields and Multiple-view Signal Processing
  • Mobile Plenoptic Acquisition and Display
  • Morphological Operations
  • Motion Detection and Estimation
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Multimedia Content Security
  • Multimedia Copyright Protection
  • Multimedia Data Mining
  • Multimedia Processing
  • Multimedia Semantic Analysis
  • Multimedia Content Understanding
  • Multimedia Database Management
  • Multispectral, Colour and Texture Processing
  • New Plenoptic Display Approaches and Devices
  • New Sensor Designs for Plenoptic Signal Acquisition
  • Neural, Adaptive and Fuzzy Processing
  • Object Detection and Tracking
  • Omni-directional and Panoramic Signal Processing
  • Online Social Networks (OSNs)
  • Processing and Analysis
  • Quantization
  • Retrieval and Multimedia
  • Security and Privacy in Multimedia Social Networks
  • Social Business Intelligence
  • Social Communities and Culture
  • Social Media
  • Spatial and Temporal Plenoptic Sampling
  • Stereo Imaging and Display
  • Video and Image Sequence Processing
  • Volumetric Methods
  • Wearable
  • Web Analytics