Issue 1, March 2019

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
949 - 952 Web-Based Expert System for Diagnosis of Date Palm Diseases

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0115
Khdega A.Yosef Galala Download Paper
953 - 966 Surveying the Development of Authorship Identification of Text Messages

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0116
Abdulaziz Altamimi, Saud Alotaibi, Abdulrahman Alruban Download Paper
967 - 970 Medium-Term Forecasting for Electricity End Use

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0117
Hosam H. A. Mukhairez Download Paper
971 - 976 Data Anonymization Using Imbalanced Data for Deep Learning with Uppersampling and Undersampling

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0118
Ayahiko Niimi Download Paper

Issue 2, June 2019

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
977 - 987 Smartphone Users Transparent Verification Approach for Mobile Applications

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0119
Saud Alotaibi, Abdulrahman Alruban, Moneerah Alotaibi, Ali Alshumrani, Abdulaziz Altamimi Download Paper
988 - 996 Detecting Deception Using Neurofuzzy Approach

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0120
Otasowie Owolafe Download Paper
997 - 1003 Forward and Backward Random LSBs Steganography Against Visual Attacks

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0121
Eman A. Abu Tuema, Tawfiq Barhoom Download Paper

Issue 3, September 2019

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
1004 - 1013 A Proactive Approach for Detecting Ransomware based on Hidden Markov Model (HMM)

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0122
Mohammed A. Saleh Download Paper
1014 - 1021 Narrative of Digital Signature Technology and Moving Forward

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0123
Galoh Rashidah Haron, Nor Izyani Daud, Moesfa Soeheila Mohamad Download Paper
1022 - 1032 Emergency Response Ontology Informatics: Using Ontologies to Improve Emergency and Hazard Management

DOI: 10.20533/ijicr.2042.4655.2019.0124
Tope Omitola, Gary Wills Download Paper