In this research, we examine the complexities of developing sustainable city policies in the Global South (GS). The rapid urbanisation and population growth in the GS has led to several sustainability challenges. These necessitate effective policy frameworks that balance economic, social, and environmental concerns. This research seeks to address these challenges by adopting a holistic and integrated approach to city planning and management, through Systems Thinking. It highlights the significance of sustainable development in the GS, particularly in urban areas. Drawing on literature from urban planning, environmental studies, and policy analysis, this paper identifies key challenges to sustainable city policy development in the Global South and examines how a Systems Thinking approach can be applied to the development of sustainable cities in the GS. The implications of the chosen approach are that it allows critical analysis of the subject and includes the benefits of a holistic and integrated approach to urban planning, policymaking, and management.

Authors: Benjamin Babalola, Nkechi Nwankwo, Titus Olaniyi

Published in: World Congress on Sustainable Technologies (WCST-2023)

  • Date of Conference: 13-15 November 2023
  • DOI: 10.20533/WCST.2023.0021
  • ISBN: 978-1-913572-64-8
  • Conference Location: St Anne’s College, Oxford University, UK