This paper reports on challenges faced by one Higher Education Institution in promoting the quality of teaching and learning through academic staff development. It is a case study of a multicampus higher education institution in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The National demands on quality and concentration by Higher Education Institutions to meet these demands compromise the provision of quality teaching, thereby hindering the quality of learning. Also, many systems of external quality assurance are cumbersome, bureaucratic and time-consuming for academics and their effect in improving quality is generally not yet conclusively demonstrated. Compliance with external requirements on quality initiatives results to lack of time towards staff development, and in some cases making it difficult for staff development. Qualitative interpretive paradigm informed the investigation. Semi-structured interview was conducted with the Teaching Development Consultant coordinating staff development to generate data. Findings revealed that although staff development can enhance quality teaching and learning there are challenges to achieving quality. These challenges are presented in this paper. In conclusion, some recommendations on how quality in teaching and learning can be promoted and maintained through academic staff development are suggested.

Published in: London International Conference on Education (LICE-2016)

  • Date of Conference: 14-17 November 2016
  • DOI: 10.2053/LICE.2016.0023
  • ISBN: 978-1-908320-76-6
  • Conference Location: Heathrow Windsor Marriott Hotel, UK