Issue 1

Pages Title Author(s) Papers
1783 - 1789 Comparing Black Business Owners in 1896 Philadelphia to Black Business Owners in 2022 Hampton Roads

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2023.0220
James Curiel, Ariana Curiel Download Paper
1790 - 1797 The Effects of Covid-19 on Students’ Empowerment and Policy Implementation in School: a Study with Street-Level Approach

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2023.0221
Antonella Verduci Download Paper
1798 - 1801 Think Outside the Box: Engaging and Empowering Immigrant Families of Students with Disabilities

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2023.0222
Lusa Lo Download Paper
1802 - 1807 Student Virtual Social Practices between China and Nepal

DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2023.0223
Yantao Zhou, Tianyang Ren, Nuoxuan Chen, Junjie Li, Kexin Lu, Yuanyuan Li, Ankita Acharya, Pramod Shah, Andy Hogg, Ying Liu Download Paper