Graduate classrooms across the United States have aptly applied theory to practice and integrated 21st Century skills so there has been a shift in teaching and learning and students have become active learners within the instructional setting, learning strategies for Socratic discussion and higher order thinking practices, such as think-pair-share, which have become commonplace. However, some innovative practices have taken longer than others to become integrated within the teaching and learning process. In 1984, Drs. Rose and Meyer introduced Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as an instructional framework for ALL learners and yet UDL considerations in instructional design have not always been widespread. Similarly, with the increasing presence of linguistic diversity in classrooms, translanguaging practices are not generally implemented. This author proposes an instructional design model that integrates UDL and translanguaging, through a Vygostkian lens for teaching, learning, and assessment practices in graduate programs.

Author: Cynthia C. Millikin

Published in: Ireland International Conference on Education (IICE-2023)

  • Date of Conference: 11-13 April 2023
  • DOI: 10.20533/IICE.2023.0001
  • ISBN: 978-1-913572-51-8
  • Conference Location: Dún Laoghaire, Ireland