In this paper we focus on our Research and Development project on progress in the field of Music Education. COVID-19 has caused a deep crisis to education in many ways and also given rise to the need for family education in China. To meet such needs urgently, Tulip Community Academy Dalian NCC Centre (China) was established – it is the first, and currently the only, local NGO family social network in China that has been accredited by British Ofqual regulated NCC Education to deliver Digital Literacy Programmes for children. To this extend, there have also been local rapidly growing interest in international multi-cultures as well as in music. We intend to explore such interest as a vehicle to connect music education with China’s local families across international cultures. Raising research questions, the report highlights the adaptation of Participatory Action Method; scopes research issues on how student led academic study of music and engagement with family intergeneration and social development assists, where a range of core values of music across international cultures is elicited; that how pedagogical engagements with families can be applied to social communities, schools, and off-school activities.

Authors: Ying Liu, Yunyuan Li, Siyu Yang, Tianyang Ren, Hanfei Li, Jun Li, Yingdi Zhang, Mengjie Li, Pramod Shah, Amrit Chhetri, Andy Hogg

Published in: Ireland International Conference on Education (IICE-2022)

  • Date of Conference: 26-28 April 2022
  • DOI: 10.20533/IICE.2022.0013
  • ISBN: 978-1-913572-46-4
  • Conference Location: Virtual (Dún Laoghaire, Ireland)