The explosive increase in the adoption of Information Technology in electronic commerce and other facets of human life has resulted in corresponding increase in concerns for security and privacy of parties involved. The very frequent and frightening rate at which data or users’ privacy breaches occur today implies that carrying out online transactions can pose a serious threat to the privacy of customers and even business owners. Existing solutions to these security concerns are still susceptible to common fraudulent cyber-attacks. This paper therefore presents the development of an efficient and robust audio steganography system for secure electronic commerce transactions. In the developed system, sensitive financial data using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) crypto algorithm, then the resultant cipher-text is compressed using the Lempel Ziv Welch as well as the Huffman’s Compression Algorithms, after which the compressed file is embedded (using one-dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)) in a suitable cover (audio file) to obtain an output, which is not distinguishable from the original audio cover file. Results of our experiment shows that, the new system has very low level of distortion in its outputs as revealed by the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

Authors: Arome Junior Gabriel, Olawale Timothy Adeboje, Adebayo Olusola Adetunmbi

Published in: International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST-2021)

  • Date of Conference: 7-9 December 2021
  • DOI: 10.20533/ICITST.2021.0012
  • ISBN: 978-1-913572-39-6
  • Conference Location: Virtual (London, UK)