Research in Green IT tends to focus mostly on the practices of large IT vendors and companies. Therefore, there is a need to examine the beliefs of IT users about Green IT, such as the effects of energy consumption and computer design on the broader society. A research model based on the Theory Acceptance Model (TAM) has been used to test the main factors contributing to Green IT awareness during an empirical study. The lack of literature relating to this topic, when pertaining to South Africa, justifies the importance of conducting this study. The main question to be answered is “Are IT users concerned about Green IT?” The purpose of this study was to evaluate the beliefs and actual behaviour of IT users regarding Green IT in South Africa through a survey, completed by university students. A quantitative research method combining aspects of positivist research approaches was used. Data collected from university students by using a questionnaire.These results show that subjective norm factors have a great influence on intention and intention on actual behaviour characteristics. The results of this study discovered a comprehensive model that could provide guidelines to the South African community and the Green IT professionals.

Published in: International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2018)

  • Date of Conference: 15-18 July 2018
  • DOI: 10.2053/iSociety.2018.0003
  • ISBN: 978-1-908320-92-6
  • Conference Location: Dublin, Ireland