In the world of knowledge management, there are so many different terms, which are flying around people. Out of them, some are more important, valuable and widely used than others. Through this paper, I want to focus on the development and views on the three terms namely knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing and knowledge barrier. In some cases, knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing are somewhat used same as like. Both terms are synonym to each other’s and are an overlapping content. Some prominent authors have pointed out this confusion about the both terms, while rest of all have attempts to clarify the differences and give their own views and definitions according to their experiences.

Published in: Canada International Conference on Education, 2018

  • Date of Conference: 25-28 June, 2018
  • DOI: 10.2053/CICE.2018.0030
  • Electronic ISBN: 978-1-908320-90-2
  • Conference Location: University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada