The following results derive from a project, which aims to analyse the labour market outcomes of migrants in comparison to native born
Canadians. Within this project a mixed methods approach is used - including quantitative analyses of the PIAAC data set, as well as qualitative case studies of Canadian enterprises and expert interviews. In doing so, the usability of foreign qualifications and skills in the labour market is evaluated. The analysis focuses on the income and the general occupational status of employees. The theoretical background is formed by human capital theory and the approaches of credentialism as well as signaling and screening. This paper analyses the Canadian PIAAC data 2012 and focuses on employees’ income. The analyses refer to the Mincerian wage regression model and successively add further variables to the model, which represent the respondents’ migration status. The results show the income effects of educational attainment, work experience and migration status.

Published in: Canada International Conference on Education, 2017

  • Date of Conference: 26-29 June, 2017
  • DOI: 10.2053/CICE.2017.0139
  • Electronic ISBN: 978-1-908320-83-4
  • Conference Location: University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada