We welcome proposals from academia, industry, private and public sectors with an open mind regardless of gender identity, cultural background, and/or religion. No charges apply to books publications except conference proceedings. Any query with regards to the conference proceedings publications should be emailed to cp@infonomics-society.org

Types of Publications

  • Book (Hardcover and Softcover)
  • eBook
  • Chapter Contribution
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Reference Work

Before Submission

Few questions to think about before getting started:

  • What is the unique selling point? (what is new about this topic, my/our contribution(s), innovative and/or appealing?
  • Is there a need for your/our book for intended audience (academic, industries, professional and general public)?
  • What makes your/our book idea appeal to readers?
  • Is there scope and contribution to knowledge enough to be of interest to readers worldwide?

Book Proposal Form

If you have a book idea, the first step is to contact us using the Book Proposal Form and our Publishing Editor responsible for your subject area will email you back within 72 hours of receiving your book proposal. The following supporting documents must be attached, e.g. CV, sample chapters (if available) to the Book Proposal Form.

The Approval Process

If the initial Publishing Editorial team’s assessment is positive, your proposal and accompanying material will be sent out for peer review. The reviewers are experts in the field, with different backgrounds and range of viewpoints on your book proposal. Your Publishing Editor will send you the reviews and ask for a response to the reviewers’ comments and suggestions.

Commissioning Process

Our Publishing Editor will keep you up to date with your submission and will contact you to let you know whether your book proposal will be taken forward or not. If your book proposal is accepted, the Publishing Editor will notify you and send the reviewers feedback to you as soon as they are available. Please note that you may be asked to provide additional material or possibly make revision(s), thereafter, a second round of review may be required, but not necessary.

Time Frame

We work along with the authors to make sure that the scope of the proposed book is achievable within the suggested time frame.